Fifth edition Bike Challenge

On Sunday, 23 September 2018, for the fifth time Poznań became the venue of the all-national cycling race called ŠKODA Poznań Bike Challenge. One of the official sponsors of this pro-am event was Solid Logistics. This year, the event attracted ca. 4.5 l of cycling enthusiasts from all over Poland and other European countries, including not only professional cyclists, but also more and less advanced amateurs as well as families with children.

Everyone was invited to participate, so the event came out as a mass mobilisation – as we all know, cycling is great for everyone! The professionals and amateurs arrived at the start line on their racing bicycles, as well as on mountain bikes, recumbent bicycles, or city bikes. The youngest participants cycled on their children’s bikes or rode in bicycle trailers. The participants, regardless of their age and cycling skills, were happy to join the race, singing “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike” (like Freddie Mercury of Queen). The contenders were able to choose between four race distances:

  • ŠKODA Challenge  distance of 120 km, intended for professional racing cyclists and very professional amateurs, the race was also a qualifying round for UCI Gran Fondo World Championship to be held in Poznań from 5 to 8 September 2019,
  • medium distance of 50 km,
  • Family Challenge short distance of 11 km,
  • and the shortest distance for the youngest children of ca. 3 km – the Children’s Bike Race was an excellent opportunity for the youngest cycling enthusiasts to ride two laps around the Lech Poznań football stadium, in an atmosphere of good fun, with their beloved ones and crowds of other people cheering for them. The race was an opportunity to feel the pleasure of sports competition and an invitation to practice sports in the future.

The winner at the longest distance of 120 km was Alexander Steffens from Germany, with the finishing time of 2:45:33. The best female cyclist was Magdalena Chmielewska from Józefów, it took her 3:01:27 to cover the 120 km distance. Not everybody was able to take a place on the podium, but all participants who completed the race received medals.

Our company Solid Logistics was proudly represented by the employees from Gdynia and Poznań; for some of them it was already the fifth time to compete in the longest, 120km distance, with very good results. 

The possibility to take part in the race was a great adventure for lots of people, and despite the unfavourable weather they will surely remember it with satisfaction. We hope that everybody had a great time.

Poznań Bike Challenge 2018 is already history, but we would like to invite you all to this great cycling event to be held next year from 5 to 9 September: UCI Gran Fondo World Championship which guarantees even greater sports emotions.