State-of-the-art warehouses
in Poznan, Gdansk, Gdynia and Warsaw – with the capacity of 120,000 sq.m, customs services and simplified procedures

High storage warehousing

Block storage warehousing


Qguar software by Quantum
enabling monitoring shipments starting from flowing into the warehouse
Set procedures of the logistic units

Poznan, Gdansk

Simultaneous services of many orders
with absolute control and elimination of operators’ mistakes.

Precision in accepting and releasing shipments in the warehouse

CCTV cameras

Automatic identification of goods
using bar codes, wireless service of radio terminals

Electronic intersystem data exchange (EDI)
between Qguar and Client’s system

Own operational offices
in Gdynia, Poznan, Hamburg. Partner offices in: Taipei,
Shanghai, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Xiamen

FCL, sea freight in import and export

Own LCL service
Solid Logistics is leading LCL consolidator in Polish market, we have weekly direct service from all China ports, Taiwan, Nhava Sheva, New Delhi, Tuticorin, Singapore to Gdańsk.
We are the only one to provide LCL direct export consolidation service from Gdańsk to Singapore as the gate and all Asia. In last two years we developed direct weekly consolidation from Gdańsk to Israel.

Possibility of simplified customs procedures in all our places

Over-sized shipments, sea freight charters

Advanced tracking of SLTT shipments
enables clients to view transport movements by internet

The office in Hamburg
Fiscal representation, check registers

Long-term cooperation with reputable ship-owners

We are the member of WCA (World Cargo Alliance) and IGLN

Poznan, Gdynia, Hamburg, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei

Advanced and friendly computer system of delivery management

Possibility of tracking shipments by clients according to individualized criteria:
number of the order, ETD, ETA, number of the container, number of BL, ship and others

Checking of a current place and status of shipment

Possibility of entering data by clients themselves

Our systems correspond with Microsoft Excel data bases

EDI – data exchange between client’s system and SLTT on the level of a batch/ pieces

Operational office:
the Warsaw Okęcie airport

Co-operating with reliable partners all over the world
membership in World Cargo Alliance group

Competitive prices from airlines and their brokers in Europe

Arranging and monitoring import and export shipments
GCR, DGR, PER, VAL, L/C shipments

Resettlement property, services for embassies and diplomats


Customs agency at the Warsaw airport
comprehensive customs services (status AEO, WSK), simplified customs clearance, economic procedures (RMA, ATA, and others)

Multi-modal sea-air and rail-air transport

Plane charters

IATA Intermediary member

We belong to a worldwide chain of WCA, IGLN agents

IATA Accreditet Agent

Operational offices:
Poznan, Katowice

Full-load transport and part-load services across Europe

Domestic deliveries

Domestic distribution from warehouses
in Gdansk and Poznan

Poznan, Katowice

‘Just in time’ – automotive deliveries

Oversize and dangerous load transportation

Transport by cars of Coilmulde type

Door-to-door deliveries

Customs services of transported loads

In order to ensure comprehensive logistic services to our Clients,
we offer the possibility of customs clearance both import and export by all of our customs agencies.

The Solid Logistics customs agencies offices 

are located at Baltic Container Terminal in Gdynia, DCT Container terminal in Gdańsk, Poznan, the Warsaw Okęcie airport, in Chorzele and in Freeport of Hamburg (Freihafen Hamburg).

The customs agencies in Hamburg and in Poland
offer services of their fiscal representation. We carry out the final customs clearance process on behalf of Polish importers in Germany.

Warsaw, Poznan, Gdynia, Gdansk, Hamburg, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei

A crucial part of this service is the possibility of VAT tax refund claim afterwards.
The moment the shipment becomes a part of the EU free flow of goods, the importer is only obliged to cover the customs charge.

The moment when the tax is applied is specified by schedule no. 5, art. 20 of the VAT regulation.
Therefore, the taxpayer, carrying out customs clearance on imported goods, becomes the tax bearer according to VAT-7 form executable the next month after the goods have been imported to Poland.

Authorised Economic Operators

Regular and direct service
from Zhengzhou (China) to Małaszewicze (PL) and Hamburg (DE)

Competitive transport transit time: Małaszewice
- 11 days, Hamburg - 13

Rail freight of LCL shipments

The office in Hamburg with fiscal representation, check registers

Poznan, Hamburg

Efficient shipping of goods to all EU countries (by rail or truck)

Weekly courses also to China on the route Hamburg - Zhengzhou

Attractive rates and quick and reliable service

We handle oversized shipments
both in and outbound on sea and road

ul. Janka Wiśniewskiego 31
81-355 Gdynia
Tel.: +48 58 621 37 04/09
Fax: +48 58 621 37 00

Our dedicated and well experienced team
also provides service of consulting and preparing cargo to transport